It sometimes bamboozled me that how many people are unable to take the smartphone security issue serious. As smartphones are becoming more and more a part of our lives, the data stored in it is becoming more important and confidential. Our smartphones have such information about us that lets people recognize us and we have also sensitive financial information in them. Our number of logged in accounts on our smartphones and all the delicate information about ourselves on our smartphones can surely drive us to some serious troubles. Here are some practices that can keep your smartphone safe.

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First and foremost is to make sure the physical security of your smartphone. You have to make sure that your beloved phone is always in your reach and you should never leave it abandoned. If you get your beloved smartphone stolen, not only your pricey phone gets stolen, but, there are fair chances that you will lose your precious information as well. Thus, you need to ensure your phone’s physical security.

As a matter of fact, smartphone viruses do exist in this cruel world and believe me, they are not less vicious than the viruses available on desktop PCs. People are not much aware about the existence of viruses on the smartphone, they think that PC viruses are the only one that exist. One of the reasons for that is because the smartphone technology is relatively new, on the other hand, PCs have been used for decades now. Well, for the sake of keeping your smartphone safe from these viruses, use some kind of reliable antivirus application that can neutralize their effects. Smartphones usually get infected when you download applications from the third party app stores and viruses are disguised as apps or games. Always download apps from the official app store.

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You travel to the airport or dine out at some restaurant, you get excited seeing the free WiFi connection and start using it immediately. Next time when you walk in some restaurant, first think what risks this free WiFi connection can impose on you? Well, let me tell you, these unsecured WiFi connections are indeed unsecured. These unprotected hotspot connections are like blessings to hackers, they use these connections as a platform and attack your database. They can access your smartphone using the same WiFi connection. There is no doubt that these hackers are genius, so, you better be careful.


Use App Lock & Gallery Vault to lock down your applications and encrypt your personal photos and videos. Your logged in applications like Facebook, Twitte, Instagram and other social media applications can reflect detailed information about you that can be extremely hazardous. Similarly, banking applications can lead you towards some serious financial loss if someone gets access to it. If you consider the security of your personal pictures and videos, their security is extremely essential. To serve the purpose, encrypt them with the app. The application is also equipped with a number of additional handy features that can really help your cause of keeping your smartphone secured.

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